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About The Author

The author, Robert Filer, is the current CEO of Fibre Publishing, and currently has several writing projects in the works.  He has more than 20 years of experience in politics, foreign policy, international trade, business, management, finance, and risk management.   He has conducted business on 6 continents, and has experience working with governments at local, state, federal, and foreign levels.  He also offers his services for credit departments, and management consulting.
In his spare time, he enjoys travel, golf, and his family.  He is the proud father of a daughter who is the inspiration for his work, and his happily married to his wife of 6 years.
About the Illustrator
Christian Gaitan, is a talented freelance graphic designer and illustrator ready to face any challenge with his creativity and artistic skills. He has experience in graphic design and illustrations for commercial, individual, and literary works. He will bring your dreams to paper. Please view his portfolio at

Donna Sophia Books

My family.  The introduction book to the Donna Sophia series of books introduces to your child all of the charactors, and shows how important family is to Donna Sophia.  You can buy  Donna Sophia Series books here at
My Family.  The first of our series introduces you to the world of Donna Sophia and Mr. Chief.
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